Modern Dev for Ancient Devs

I decided early on that to keep my new project fun, I wouldn't get obsessed with code quality like I normally do. However, I get great enjoyment implementing new algorithms and code structure. So, while the code is roughly hewn from my keyboard, I like to believe the results are appealing.

I'm sure most devs out there would rip my JavaScript apart. I'm a C developer by trade, and I'm sure that bleeds in the most unlikely of places. I built Makefiles for ZRogue, and use Google's Closure compiler. I also run off the compiled source full-time and use source maps to point back to the original code. I'm horribly used to defined development systems, so I have no qualms only testing on Chrome. Although, I do test from time to time on other browsers. I don't have IE though. :(

Another oddity is that I run the code through node-webkit on a regular basis. It's nice to pop open a window that's solely for the task at hand. There are some other niceties with node-webkit, I'll have to take advantage of them in the future. I also appreciate node.js. It is very convenient to test out a new algorithm with test cases. It's handy for me to recover from C by not always being chained to the browser. I find I write code quicker without a UI holding me back.

That is about it for now. I find the new tools to be a breeze to work with. While Chrome Inspector is particularly invaluable, the rest of the eco-system is just as important to me.

(June 22, 2013)