ZRogue Inspiration

I have been working on an HTML5 Rogue-like for a bit now. However, I ran into a wall when I had to start creating content. I just couldn't get myself excited and passionate about the fantasy based elements we have all come to know. I stalled. I put down the code and was dangerously close to forgetting about it as I started to take interest in other projects. Until inspiration hit in the most unlikely of places.

I recently bought a new night light for my child. While I was staring up at the solar system I was struck by an idea that gave me a flood of energy. I couldn't sleep that night because of my roaming thoughts.

I have decided to drop the rogue-like replication and instead move into new territory. I would like to build a space game. Where instead of dungeon crawling, we raid space stations. This will still be done in my hybrid text based HTML5 engine. See this post for more info about the backstory.

Now that ideas are flowing again, I'm going to continue development, and would like to share updates on this site.

(June 20, 2013)