Station Demo

I have released a small demo with my initial attempts at a procedurally generated space station. You are welcome to play it, although I have removed all items and enemies. In the coming days I will add back in the playability, and release a new demo.

Please check out the demo. I welcome feedback. It is located here: DEMO. There are a few keys to keep in mind, PageDown/Up will zoom in and out. This will be present in the final game. I make no restrictions on view angle. On a touch screen, it's pinch to zoom. On a keyboard you may also hit the space bar to "remember" the whole world. This helps to see the structure that was randomly generated for you. Also of note, on a touch screen you walk towards the direction you press. Holding a finger on up, and one on right, will cause you to walk diagonally. This is subject to change. I have a new method I'm planning.

The idea for space stations that look like this comes from the extremely helpful amitp. Here is his writeup about the process for radially based stations: Radial Base Layout. I have my own implementation with a modified process, but it's definitely my starting point.

I would attach screenshots, but I encourage you to play it while it is up. This post will degrade with time when the demo is updated for newer effects.

(September 13, 2013)