I have released a small demo with my initial attempts at a procedurally generated space station. You are welcome to play it, although I have removed all items and enemies. In the coming days I will add back in the playability, and release a new demo.

I decided early on that to keep my new project fun, I wouldn't get obsessed with code quality like I normally do. However, I get great enjoyment implementing new algorithms and code structure. So, while the code is roughly hewn from my keyboard, I like to believe the results are appealing.

I wanted to provide a few simple screen shots of the HTML5 engine that powers ZRogue. This project has been a hobby of mine for a couple of weeks.

10,000 years ago humanity broke away from a ruined Earth and started building space stations in the orbital path of Earth. They mined Earth for most of it's natural resources, and captured asteroids for more. Earth is a shell of what it once was, with a single lone city supported by a vast forest, solar arrays, and geothermal engines. They cling to the past, and have built a mythology around the essence of being human.

I have been working on an HTML5 Rogue-like for a bit now. However, I ran into a wall when I had to start creating content. I just couldn't get myself excited and passionate about the fantasy based elements we have all come to know. I stalled. I put down the code and was dangerously close to forgetting about it as I started to take interest in other projects. Until inspiration hit in the most unlikely of places.